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Experiencing problems viewing our virtual tours?

Read this page and follow the listed recomendations and if you still experience problems please contact us for further help.

You must be using a Java enabled web browser !

We recommend that you use MS Internet Explorer v4.0 or Netscape Navigator v4.6 or a newer version of either web browser. Earlier versions may not work properly.

Java Preferences

Check that JAVA has not been disabled in your web browser or anti-virus or firewall application preferences.

Windows XP users

Users of Win XP (early editions) or other operating systems who are experiencing problems may need to download & install the Java JRE plugin from Sun. Unlike most other operating systems, the Java Virtual Runtime Engine or Java Virtual Machine was not included with earlier versions of Win XP due to a licensing issue between Sun & Microsoft.

More information

Microsoft Java Virtual Machine

The Java Virtual Machine is software that runs Java Applets within your Windows programs, including our Virtual Tours. Due to a legal dispute Microsoft was unable to provide this appication as an installed feature when loading Win XP [first edition] onto a new or freshly formatted sytem. The Java applications that require this program are in use in a large number of existing web sites and when visited for the first time will prompt you to download and install the Virtual Machine application, this means that unless this site is one of the very first you visit then you will no doubt already have the Virtual Machine installed, if for any reason you do not, please download it from the link below.

While the Microsoft virtual machine is not on the Windows XP CD, it is still an integrated part of the product. Customers who upgrade to Windows XP from recent prior versions of Windows can easily and automatically take advantage of their existing Java virtual machine. Customers with new machines or who perform a clean installation of Windows XP will automatically be offered the choice to perform a one-time download of the virtual machine the first time they browse a Web page containing a Java applet. This download is then available for any subsequent applet a customer may encounter. Finally, Microsoft has made its virtual machine available to any PC manufacturer to ship with new Windows XP systems, to save customers even this one-time download.

Note: In December 2002, a USA court ruled that Windows must package Sun Microsystem's Java engine with all future operating systems.

Download & install the Java JRE plugin from Sun Computers.


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